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The Coach Behind the Practice


While sitting at the bottom of a bottomless rabbit hole, I decided that something had to give. I tried a million and one different methods until I found what worked. While starting this mindfulness journey, I became so passionate about teaching others to become their own healers. 


Hi! I'm Patricia Vasconcelos, founder of Spoiled Soul.

I'm a Certified Master Conscious EFT Practitioner and Emotional Success Coach with ten years of experience in energy healing and personal development.

My goal is to help clients move past the current effects of past traumas by coaching them through self-healing techniques that will bring back their emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual fulfillment.

I offer sessions for individuals or groups on topics like meditation, mindfulness, healthy relationships, emotional intelligence (EQ), emotional regulation, life coaching - to name a few!

If you are looking for someone who can support your growth so you can feel more present today and let go of the past. I believe that the only person who can make you happy is YOU; I'd love to help you strip away all of the limiting beliefs that have been placed upon you.

I serve only as a guide to help clients develop what works best for them. 

I am not your guru, nor am I your healer. I am a healer of self, opening space for my clients to find their inner healing guru.

The Practice

Conscious EFT Coaching

Here is something you may not know. Your pain is habitual. 

I am here to help you out of it. I’ve been teaching and coaching people about using EFT tapping to aid the transformation of past limiting beliefs, furthermore releasing guilt and shame.

Tapping to release trauma and heal emotional wounds is a safe, effective technique. Anyone can use it at any point in their life when they want relief from negative feelings such as stress or anxiety that a traumatic life event may have caused. 

The added emotional safety of Conscious EFT gives me a secure state of emotional well being as I navigate through life. I am so passionate about the importance of emotional safety and make it a priority in my coaching. 

I have learned with the leading institute in Conscious EFT and continue to mentor with them for a consistent growth mindset. (NeftTI) 

To learn more about tapping and how it helps, please feel free to call or message anytime. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Trauma Informed 
Mindful Meditation

I believe that the ability to drop into your soul and become more present is such a powerful practice to help aid in the healing journey. 

Meditation can be difficult sometimes, and I think that it should be taught as well. 

I have heard many individuals speak on how meditation isn't for them because they "can't clear their mind". Statements like this make me sad because meditation is not meant to put any more shame or guilt on anyone. 

I'm here to teach you how to discover your version of meditation that fits your needs and adds another tool to your toolkit. 

There is so much wisdom that lives inside you and I'd love to help you to hear it.


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